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We are a friendly team that helps the users with a smile on their faces to reduce the stress in their IT needs. 


We want you to have all the information and support you need, exactly when you need it. Use our self-service tools to find answers to your questions on any helpdesk issue.

Seamless Tech Experiences: Navigating Challenges, Delivering Solutions!

  • Proficiently diagnosing and swiftly resolving intricate software and hardware challenges.

  • Skillfully troubleshooting complex network connectivity issues, ensuring uninterrupted digital pathways.

  • Expertly guiding users through seamless software installations and updates, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Educating users about best practices for online security and data protection while advising them how to recognize and avoid phishing and other cyber threats.

  • Using remote access tools to diagnose and fix issues directly on user devices.

  • Escalating complex or critical issues to higher-level technical support teams.

  • Providing round-the-clock assistance for critical issues and urgent support needs

365 specialists

Network team, O365 specialists, and server team.

24/7 service

Offers services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a frontline service desk

“Friendly and Reliable IT Support”

Manage your IT with ElectIT

Knowing what technology your people need, how those needs may differ between parts of your organization, or which products will allow your people to be their most productive is vital to getting the most out of your technology investments. But against the need to support users and keep things running, finding time to research the right devices for your people can be tough. Add the pressure to keep costs low, work through complicated IT procurement processes and track many types of assets across their lifespans, it’s no wonder IT planning and procurement is a challenge at many organizations


Training on new technology and equipment.

  • Balancing what your people want and need with a spend analysis is essential. You also need to be sure that any technology chosen will help improve satisfaction and retain talent. 
  • You’re tasked with making purchase decisions that will not only help the business in the future but will also be compatible with existing infrastructure while also tracking the life cycle. 
  • The decision whether to buy many licenses or devices at once, or individually and the right times isn’t always straightforward. 

Device lifecycle and Software licensing.

  • Managing technology and devices means replacing them before their warranties expire or – worst case scenario – they fail completely or incur monthly payments due to lapsed leases. 
  • Missing a renewal may mean purchasing software again or losing the chance to upgrade to a newer version and exposes you to potential security vulnerabilities. 
  • When IT, Procurement and Finance don’t communicate, invoices go unpaid and facilitating departmental chargebacks is much more time consuming. 

Hardware Asset Management 

Reduce costs and increase performance with hardware asset management services 

IT Procurement 

Get more from your IT investments with integrated planning and procurement systems. 


We help you update and extend security to ensure you provide the right users with the right levels of access to the right data from any device or location. 

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